dr. ir. Edwin Bennink
Basic DICOM Anonymization with RSNA CTP

This step-by-step manual describes how to install and configure the RSNA Clinical Trial Processor for standard DICOM anonymization. By default, the anonymization is based on NEMA standards described in DICOM PS3.15 Annex E.

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Quantitative CT Perfusion Analysis in Ischemic Stroke

CT perfusion (CTP) imaging has become established as a method of choice for the assessment of ischemic stroke. However, current CTP analysis methods have several shortcomings and do not exploit the imaging technique to its full potential. This thesis presents a model-based analysis method that is intrinsically robust and flexible. The method may furthermore aid in predicting hemorrhagic transformation; an adverse effect of thrombolytic stroke treatment. The application of this method to thin slice, high-resolution scans may well improve the diagnostic and prognostic value of CTP imaging.

ISBN: 978-94-6233-231-7

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