Neuroinformatics software contributions

A considerable number of software packages developed by the Image Sciences Institute have been recognised by the Dutch neuroinformatics society (NeuroInformatics.NL). This society is the Dutch node of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF).

NeuroInformatics.NL has created an overview of software tools and services with a significant Dutch contribution: Over the past years, the ISI has contributed a number of impactful tools that are being used globally in brain research:

  • Elastix: to register 2d or 3d brain images to a reference image
  • ExploreDTI: a graphical toolbox for exploratory diffusion (tensor) MRI and fiber tractography
  • Microbleed Detection App: to detect cerebral microbleeds on brain MRI
  • MidsagittalApp: to compute the midsagittal plane and surface or brain images
  • RegLSM: image registration for lesion-symptom mapping studies

We are happy with this recognition of our contribution to open science by sharing software tools.