Dr AdriŽnne Mendrik

Adriënne M. Mendrik obtained her Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in 2003 and her Master degree (cum laude) in Biomedical Image Sciences at Utrecht University in 2005. During her master research she focused on noise reduction in CT scans (Mendrik et al. IEEE TMI, 2009). From 2005 until 2010 she performed her PhD research at the Image Sciences Institute (Utrecht, the Netherlands) with prof. Max Viergever and prof. Mathias Prokop on noise reduction and vascular enhancement in 4D CT perfusion scans and won the best article award 2010 (ImagO, Graduate School of Life Sciences) for Mendrik et al. Med Phys, 2010.

From 2010 until 2012, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) of prof. Wiro Niessen in the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) on image quality improvement of XperCT and CT scans in the Care4U project in cooperation with several companies (Philips Healthcare, Technolution, and Prodrive) and the technical university Delft.

In January 2013 she returned to the ISI to work on quantitative analysis of MR brain images for cerebrovascular disease management. She organized the MICCAI grand challenge on MR brain image segmentation (MRBrainS) workshop in Nagoya (Japan) and has set-up and maintains the MRBrainS evaluation framework (mrbrains13.isi.uu.nl). She also organized the ISBI challenge workshop on neonatal and adult MR brain image segmentation (NEATBrainS) in New York (USA).

AdriŽnne is initiator of the ImagO Colloquium Series on Medical Imaging and reviewer for various scientific journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology and Plos one. She was co-chair of the challenges at ISBI 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, and is co-chair of the challenges at ISBI 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. She is in the program committee of the international workshop on machine learning in medical imaging (MLMI) at MICCAI 2015 and 2016.

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HDCS noise reduction filter:
A.M. Mendrik, et al. "Noise reduction in computed tomography scans using 3D anisotropic hybrid diffusion with continuous switch", IEEE TMI 28(10), pp. 1585-1594, 2009.

Download Anisotropic Diffusion Filters (EED, CED, HDCS) in ITK3 (version 3.20.0) and ITK4 (version 4.4.2): AnisotropicDiffusionFilters.zip

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