Dr Ivana Isgum

Ivana Isgum graduated in Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1999. The same year she was employed as a scientific software engineer at Silicon Biomedical Instruments BV, The Netherlands. In 2001 she became a PhD student at the Image Sciences Institute. Her PhD degree was obtained in 2007 with a thesis entitled Computer-aided detection and quantification of arterial calcifications with CT. She then worked for a year as a PostDoc at the Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Image Processing in Leiden University Medical Center on the detection of atherosclerotic carotid plaque from combined magnetic resonance angiography and vessel wall images. Ivana is currently an Associate Professor at UMC Utrecht where she is developing methods for automatic calcium scoring and their application to large scale screening trials. She is also working on projects related to automatic segmentation of the developing neonatal brain with MRI.

 Image Sciences Institute
 University Medical Center Utrecht
 Heidelberglaan 100
 Room Q.02.4.45
 3584 CX Utrecht
 The Netherlands
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