Jelmer Wolterink

Jelmer Wolterink obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2010 from Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2012, he received his Master of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences from Utrecht University. During this master programme, Jelmer did a six month internship in the NANO-D team at INRIA Rhone-Alpes (Grenoble, France). His master thesis focused on the acceleration of molecular simulations and modeling.

In January 2013, Jelmer started his PhD at the Image Sciences Institute at UMC Utrecht. He is working under the supervision of Dr. Ivana Isgum in the Quantiative Medical Image Analysis Group. His work focuses on the development of methods for the automatic detection, characterization and quantification of plaque in coronary arteries using cardiac CT images. Research interests include image processing, quantitative imaging and machine learning techniques.

Jelmer is co-organizer of the MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring.

 Image Sciences Institute
 University Medical Center Utrecht
 Heidelberglaan 100
 Room Q.02.4.45
 3584 CX Utrecht
 The Netherlands
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