Dr Kenneth Gilhuijs

Dr. Kenneth G.A. Gilhuijs is associate professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He received his Ph.D in Medical Physics at the University of Amsterdam (cum laude). He was research associate at the University of Chicago, where he pioneered computer-aided diagnosis of breast MRI. He was group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in the division of diagnostic oncology, where he started his multidisciplinary imaging research focusing on decision support systems in oncology, and translating new technology into clinical practice. His team of Ph.D. students and post-docs forms an interface between diagnostic imaging, pathology, medical oncology, surgery, and radiotherapy. In 2010 he transferred to the University Medical Center Utrecht to extend his work in breast-cancer imaging in close collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and where he coordinates the teaching program for advanced medical image processing. His current research interests include computerized decision support systems for patient-tailored breast cancer therapy, prognosis, and monitoring of response. Kenneth Gilhuijs serves on the scientic advisory boards of the Dutch Cancer foundation (KWF) and Pink Ribbon Foundation, and serves on the editorial board of PLoS One.

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