Dr Peter Seevinck

Peter Seevinck graduated in Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands in 2004. His M.Sc. thesis involved implemention and optimization of a high-resolution diffusion tensor imaging method to determine cardiac muscle tissue architecture of healthy adult and neonatal mice.

In 2009 he received his Ph.D. at the Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands. During this period he conducted research into novel MR image acquisition techniques and quantitative image processing to facilitate biodistribution assessment and dose calculations of holmium-166 microspheres for the planning, image-guidance and evaluation of radioembolization of unresectable liver malignancies.
As a postdoctoral researcher he worked for two years on a broad range of topics related to magnetic susceptibility. These projects included quantitative assessment of microvessel density and vessel size using iron-oxide particles, reduction of geometrical artifacts in the presence of metal orthopedic implants and visualization of interventional devices. An ongoing challenge is to speed up these methodologies using undersampling techniques, viz. Compressed Sensing.

Peter currently holds a faculty position as Assistant Professor at the Image Sciences Institute. His research interests include 1) interventional MRI and MRI guidance for a broad range of applications, including brachytherapy, cardiac regenerative medicine, and radiotherapy treatment planning, 2) Bone MRI, facilitating characterization of osseous structures without the need for ionizing radiation.

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