A Change of Heart: Yield Cardiac Imaging in Acute Stroke Workship: Yield of Cardiac Imaging in Acute Stroke Workup

Kauw, Frans, Dankbaar, Jan W., Habets, Jesse, Cramer, Maarten J.M., de Jong, Hugo W.A.M., Velthuis, Birgitta K., Kappelle, L. Jaap


Case Reports in Neurology 10 (2), p. 118-123


This case report describes a patient who experienced a recurrent ischemic stroke within 24 h. Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) angiography on admission showed 2 intracardiac thrombi, 1 in the left ventricle and 1 in the left atrial appendage. Following the second ischemic event, repeated DECT angiography showed that the ventricular thrombus had considerably diminished, suggesting that the recurrent brain infarction was caused by cardioembolism. This case emphasizes (1) the potential benefit of cardiac evaluation through CT angiography in the acute stroke setting, and (2) the use of DECT angiography for the detection of thrombus and the differentiation between thrombus, the myocardial wall, and a slow flow of contrast.