Data on vessel wall thickness measurements of intracranial arteries derived from human circle of Willis specimens

Harteveld, Anita A., Denswil, Nerissa P., Hecke, Wim Van, Kuijf, Hugo J., Vink, Aryan, Spliet, Wim G.M., Daemen, Mat J., Luijten, Peter R., Zwanenburg, Jaco J.M., Hendrikse, Jeroen, Kolk, Anja G. van der


Data Brief 19 p. 6-12


In this article, we report data on vessel wall thickness parameters derived from different arterial segments of the circle of Willis and its primary branches in patients with and without cerebrovascular disease. Also data on inter-rater reliability and agreement of the derived vessel wall parameters are reported. For further interpretation and discussion please refer to the research article “ex vivo vessel wall thickness measurements of the human circle of Willis using 7T MRI” (Harteveld et al., in press) [1].