Post-mortem computed tomography angiography utilizing barium sulfate to identify microvascular structures: a preliminary phantom model and case study

Haakma, Wieke, Rohde, Marianne, Kuster, Lidy, Uhrenholt, Lars, Pedersen, Michael, Boel, Lene Warner Thorup


Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging 7 p. 38-42


We investigated the use of computer tomography angiography (CTA) to visualize microvascular structures in a vessel-mimicking phantom and post-mortem (PM) bodies. A contrast agent was used based on 22% barium sulfate, 20% polyethylene glycol and 58% distilled water. A vessel-mimicking phantom identified small vessels. Intercostal arteries and veins were visualized in four males and one female without known vascular lesions. Histology confirmed the filling of vascular structures down to 8 ┬Ám without extravasation.