Performance analysis of a dedicated breast MR-HIFU system for tumor ablation in breast cancer patients

Deckers, R., Merckel, L. G., de Senneville, B. Denis, Schubert, G., Koehler, M., Knuttel, F.M., Mali, W.P.Th.M., Moonen, C. T. W., van den Bosch, Maurice, Bartels, L. W.


Physics in Medicine and Biology 60 (14), p. 5527-5542


MR-guided HIFU ablation is a promising technique for the non-invasive treatment of breast cancer. A phase I study was performed to assess the safety and treatment accuracy and precision of MR-HIFU ablation in breast cancer patients (n = 10) using a newly developed MR-HIFU platform dedicated to applications in the breast. In this paper a technical analysis of the performance of the dedicated breast MR-HIFU system during breast tumors ablation is described. The main points of investigation were the spatial targeting accuracy and precision of the system and the performance of real-time respiration-corrected MR thermometry.

The mean targeting accuracy was in the range of 2.4-2.6 mm, whereas the mean targeting precision was in the range of 1.5-1.8 mm. To correct for respiration-induced magnetic field fluctuations during MR temperature mapping a look-up-table (LUT)-based correction method was used. An optimized procedural sedation protocol in combination with the LUT-based correction method allowed for precise MR thermometry during the ablation procedure (temperature standard deviation