At this site you can download the isimatch software which is described in `Semi-automatic construction of reference standards for evaluation of image registration’, K. Murphy, B. van Ginneken, S. Klein, M. Staring, B.J. de Hoop, M. A.Viergever and J. P. W. Pluim. Medical Image Analysis 15 pp 71-84 2011 
Please cite this article if you use the software in any publications.

This software was originally designed for private use, so if you have any problems using it please contact me at Instructions to download the software and user guides are below.

Please click HERE to download the file which contains the isimatch software. When you download the software you will have a bin directory which contains everything you need. There are two major components to the system:

  • the “Distinctive Point Finder” (DPF) which is a commandline program that runs and located so-called `distinctive points’ (landmarks) in a scan. A word document which is a guide for this component is available HERE
  • the “Matching Points Annotator” (MPA) which is a GUI where you can view the distinctive points which were identified, and then find the matching points in the second scan of the pair. A word document which is a guide for this component is availableHERE

A document to be used as a guide for observers who will be end users of the system is available HERE (Most of this information is already contained in the guide for the MPA component, but this is a more basic set of instructions with screenshots etc. for the end user) If you have any difficulties with installation, useage, setting parameters etc. please feel free to contact me at .