Image Sciences Institute

Image Sciences Institute

Welcome to the homepage of the Image Sciences Institute, an interdisciplinary research institute located in the University Medical Center Utrecht. ISI focuses on both fundamental and applied research in medical image processing and acquisition.

ISI participates in the research school ImagO and the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences. It is the hosting institute for the MSc programme Medical Imaging.


PhD defense of Nadieh Khalili

On Tuesday 22 September, Nadieh Khalili will defend her thesis entitled: “Machine learning for automatic segmentation of neonatal and fetal...

Annelies Hofman

Annelies Hofman

PhD defense of Szabolcs Dávid

On Thursday 16 January, Szabolcs Dávid will defend his thesis entitled: “Impact of data processing on diffusion MR image exploration...

PhD defense of Majd Zreik

On Tuesday 14 January, Majd Zreik will defend his thesis entitled: “Machine learning for coronary artery disease analysis in cardiac...

PhD defense of Samuel St-Jean

On Thursday 9 January, Samuel St-Jean will defend his PhD thesis entitled: “Restoration and characterization of diffusion MRI data.” Abstract...

PhD defense of Cyril Ferrer

On Wednesday 11 December, Cyril Ferrer will defend his PhD thesis entitled: “Development of MRI methods for guidance of focused...