Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tractography: The state of the art and its potential impact on patient management

Vos, Sjoerd B., Tax, Chantal M.W., Leemans, Alexander


PET Clinics 8 (3), p. 279-293


Diffusion magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is sensitive to microstructural changes in tissue. Diffusion tensor MR imaging, the most commonly used method, can estimate the magnitude and anisotropy of diffusion. These tensor-based diffusion parameters have been shown to change in many neuropathologic conditions. Recent advances in diffusion MR imaging techniques may provide quantitative measures that are more specific to the underlying tissue change. Diffusion MR imaging data can also be used to provide fiber tractography. In this article, an overview of the basic principles of these techniques is provided, and their current and potential uses in clinical research and clinical practice are discussed.