Workshop Deep learning in Radiotherapy

The Image Sciences Institute participates in the organization of the next Workshop Deep Learning in Radiotherapy (2019 fall edition). On November 28-29 (2019), a 1.5-day workshop on deep learning in radiotherapy will be organized by the Department of Radiotherapy, University Medical Center Utrecht. This workshop is aimed at medical physicists in the field of radiotherapy (but not restricted to those interested in working in different fields).

Programme overview

On Thursday 28 November, we will introduce the principle of deep learning, touching topic as optimization, uncertainty and hard/software requirement to train a network.

On Friday 29 November, we will dive into applications of deep learning in radiotherapy. Image-to-image translation, segmentation, treatment planning and delivery, image registration and reconstruction will be discussed highlighting the lastest contribution of deep learning. Also, the challenge of clinical implementing deep learning will be treated from the perspective of a computer scientist and a medical physicist.

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