Honorary Doctorate for Alexander Leemans

Last month, Alexander Leemans gave his inaugural lecture to accept his honorary doctorate from the H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University in Ukraine. The honourable appointment at the University of Kharkiv is a reward for his worldwide contributions to scientific research and education in his field.

Alexander is a physicist and his research lines are focused on modelling, analysing, and visualizing diffusion MRI images for biomedical and clinical purposes. In this field, it is important to integrate various image processing techniques to further automate and quantify clinical research studies. In addition to fundamental research on diffusion MRI, he considers the translation and utilisation of scientific techniques in clinical applications of great importance. Medical doctors, and indirectly patients, can immediately benefit from recent developments and new research techniques. To realize this, he has developed the ExploreDTI software package and regularly organized lectures and workshops on this.