Magnetic Resonance Imaging only Workflow for Radiotherapy Simulation and Planning in Prostate Cancer

Kerkmeijer, LGW, Maspero, M, Meijer, GJ, van der Voort van Zyp, JRN, de Boer, JCJ, van den Berg, CAT


Clinical Oncology 30 (11), p. 692-701


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is often combined with computed tomography (CT) in prostate radiotherapy to optimise delineation of the target and organs-at-risk (OAR) while maintaining accurate dose calculation. Such a dual-modality workflow requires two separate imaging sessions, and it has some fundamental and logistical drawbacks. Due to the availability of new MRI hardware and software solutions, CT examinations can be omitted for prostate radiotherapy simulations. All information for treatment planning, including electron density maps and bony anatomy, can nowadays be obtained with MRI. Such an MRI-only simulation workflow reduces delineation ambiguities, eases planning logistics, and improves patient comfort; however, careful validation of the complete MRI-only workflow is warranted. The first institutes are now adopting this MRI-only workflow for prostate radiotherapy. In this article, we will review technology and workflow requirements for an MRI-only prostate simulation workflow.