⁹⁰Y Hepatic Radioembolization: An Update on Current Practice and Recent Developments

Braat, Arthur J A T, Smits, Maarten L J, Braat, Manon N G J A, van den Hoven, Andor, Prince, Jip F, de Jong, Hugo W A M, van den Bosch, Maurice A A J, Lam, Marnix G E H


Journal of Nuclear Medicine 56 (7), p. 1079-87


Radioembolization is an established treatment modality that has been subjected to many improvements over the last decade. Developments are occurring at a high pace, affecting patient selection and treatment. The aim of this review is therefore to provide an overview of current practice, with a focus on recent developments in the field of radioembolization. Several practical issues and recommendations in the application of radioembolization will be discussed, ranging from patient selection to treatment response and future applications.