Bringing AI to the clinic: blueprint for a vendor-neutral AI deployment infrastructure

Leiner, Tim, Bennink, E, Mol, Christian, Kuijf, Hugo, Veldhuis, WB


Insights Into Imaging [E] 12 (1), p. 11


AI provides tremendous opportunities for improving patient care, but at present there is little evidence of real-world uptake. An important barrier is the lack of well-designed, vendor-neutral and future-proof infrastructures for deployment. Because current AI algorithms are very narrow in scope, it is expected that a typical hospital will deploy many algorithms concurrently. Managing stand-alone point solutions for all of these algorithms will be unmanageable. A solution to this problem is a dedicated platform for deployment of AI. Here we describe a blueprint for such a platform and the high-level design and implementation considerations of such a system that can be used clinically as well as for research and development. Close collaboration between radiologists, data scientists, software developers and experts in hospital IT as well as involvement of patients is crucial in order to successfully bring AI to the clinic.